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The plants are the result of a very accurate genetic and sanitary selection. Of every single grapevine, in fact, the firm selects both the gems and the rootstock, attentively appraising the sanitary aspect, varietal and genetic.
The everything under control of organisms and public institutes that assures the good person been sanitary of the mother plants and of the hatcheries. The manufacturing of the grapevines in nylon sacks inside cardboards assures a perfect temperature maintenance and constant damp.

The firm is able to make an ample range of rootstocks avaiable and to furnish the most correct suggestions in subject: the choiche of the rootstock, in fact, constitutes a fondamental moment in the realization of a plant, from the moment that this acts from through and as such rule the delicate relationship between the vine and the environment.

The firm offers the possibility to annually program the supplies of grapevines and to have therefore a done production (combination variety-color-rootstocks) "custom" of the client and reproduce selections in demand variety or furnished by the client himself.